From the Editor

Welcome and thank you for visiting Third Coast Science for You!

As the founder and Executive Editor-in-Chief I can’t fully express how excited I am about our progress. Please take some time to review our website and social media pages as we will continue adding new material that will hopefully be beneficial to you.

We have set out to provide scientific insight on topics that affect everyone in the Coastal Bend community in a way that anyone can understand. Scientists typically have an inability to relay research effectively to those who are often the most impacted by the research. Through this website, social media and our printed magazine we are hoping to make this an extinct practice in our area. Our goal is to bridge the gap between local researchers and the Third Coast community in an effort to make our community more knowledgeable, and ultimately stronger, on important issues that do not discriminate. Additionally, establishing this line of communication and trust will help guide researchers in answering scientific questions on some of the most important topics; topics that impact our livelihood and longevity equally.

This project would not be possible without the continued hard work of everyone on our team and our supporters. Please take some time in our About section to get to know all of those who have and continue to contribute to this project. Please feel free to send us comments or ask questions about any of the information presented.

Thank you and we are so happy to have you as a reader of Third Coast Science for You!

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Heidi Heim-Ballew, Executive Editor-in-Chief